Project Concept

MDVL – a dairy with a difference

One step solution for industry

MDVL will provide vertical integration for all systems involved in the dairy industry.

Management of over 20000 animals

MDVL provides an end to end animal management system through an innovative approach to community involvement, training WEs to optimize production in their MDVL cows. With the help of innovative software solutions, expertise of a broadly exposed management team, MDVL will also generate best stock through careful genetic selection.

Leader in animal genetics

MDVL has the largest herd in the country. It sources the worlds premiere genetics for its herd with the help of a dedicated animal husbandry team. Using the highest selection criteria MDVL aspires to have the finest herd in India.

Embryo transfer at commercial level

MDVL establishes the largest embryo transfer operation in the country. It intends to further introduce embryo transfer and consultancy at a commercial level, staffed by a team of dedicated veterinarians. MDLV aims to introduce 1000 heifers of high genetic stock each year and is working on OPU-IVF to further enhance the genetic merit of the herd.

Progeny testing – first time in India

MDVL has the first of its kind progeny testing program in India to gather accurate data from its  managed animals. This excellence in animal genomics does not only be give back to the community, but also to pan India with a goal of increasing milk productivity.

Fodder Development

MDVL has created partnerships with the local community to produce its own fodder. The company agronomists and plant breeders will take care of R&D in fodder cropping to increase milk productivity. The company is committed to using fodder crops that are free from pesticide and insecticide residue to ensure that such do not enter the milk chain.

Unmatched hygiene

MDVLs own milk processing plant has been developed to maintain the highest levels of hygiene in the Indian industry, ensuring the goal of purest milk in India is achieved and maintained. Milk products will also be produced to the same stringent levels of hygiene and sold at a premium in the domestic market, initially.


MDVL is working with partners to create a methane digester to produce electricity for its own use, and to utilise other internationally renowned methods to protect the environment from gases which cause climate change.

Above all, MDVL will accelerate growth in the dairy sector in India, which is already witnessing more than 4% year on year, and help reduce pressure when then annual demand is more than 6%.