MDVL Objectives

Jassi Khangura and his brother Satti Khangura took an active interest in the dairy business after seeing their father’s involvement for a number of years. They have taken the opportunity not, to only develop a business, but to promote social causes to uplift the poorer sections of society through their highly scalable business model. Their business model is:

  • To have the best dairy herd in India.
  • To produce the cleanest milk in India from a system which focuses on the ‘clean milk’ objective and also to have a disease free herd.
  • To have a development of Women Entrepreneurship through Self Help Groups (SHGs) who can run Community Dairy Unit under the MDVL supervision.
  • To develop trade relations with farmers for cultivation of animal fodder. Thereby ensuring better returns at regular intervals for that farmer over conventional crops and  reducing dependence on money lenders/commission agents.
  • To improve the quality of milk from animal to consumer.
  • To achieve greater pasteurized domestic milk life (the period during which the milk can be consumed at home) by reducing substantially delays at source and developing a continuous cold chain.
  • To have a fully mechanised milking system for “premium quality milk” as well as electronic milk measurement.