MDVL Farms

MDVL is a farm management company and a Community Dairy Infrastructure provider.

MDVL was created to provide state of the art farms in which rural women from poorest sectors could keep their pedigree Holstein Fresian cows in the highest quality farms in India, offering facilities of animal healthcare, feed and milking parlours otherwise unavailable in rural India.

Each Community Dairy Unit is between 6-10 acres and provides high quality living conditions for the TruMilk cows to ensure end to end quality control, from fodder to milking and veterinary regulation. Each MDVL farm is located between villages to assist security and no unauthorised personnel is given access to the farms. 

All MDVL farms have full time veterinarians, a laboratory, a milking parlour, a milk cooler, an administration block, a fodder store and a weighbridge.

Additionally, MDVL Farms have separate quarantine units for new animals joining the herds, where they are kept, monitored and tested before joining other cows in the community dairy units or the central farm.