Careers - Veterinary Officer

Macro Diary Ventures Limited (MDVL) is the largest dairy farm operator in India with more than 6,000 animals across nine farms in district Ludhiana, Punjab. MDVL produces the cleanest milk in India, disease free herd, develops trade relations with farmers for cultivation of animal fodder, thereby ensuring better returns at regular intervals for that farmer over conventional crops and thereby reducing dependence on money lenders/commission agents.

MDVL processes its internally produced milk as premium “TruMilk” and related products.

MDVL is also the biggest breeder of milch animals in India with over 2,000 calving’s projected for 2013-14. MDVL aims to provide the best quality of milk and milk products to consumers. MDVL also aims to achieve accelerated genetic advertisement of its herd of the use of imported sexed semen together with embryo transfer.

Being a community based project with extensive procurement from farmers, the Veterinary Officer has to work closely in the community

MDVL strives to be the industry leader in all areas of the organization.


The Vertiniary officer  will report to Herd Manager. The position will nurture relationships with prospective talent and manage relationships along with ensuring smooth financial and operations for the company.

Herd management:

  • Deliver calves
  • Manage young stock program
  • Review progress with heifer grower
  • Walk through the barns observing cows and facilities
  • Coordinate cattle handling and movement
  • Handle cows in a calm, professional manner

Young stock management:

  • Monitor health and growth of new calves
  • Interact with calf grower
  • Identify, move, group and treat heifers
  • Feed and care for new calves including all prescribed health procedures
  • Measure growth and maintain records
  • Dehorn calves
  • Wean calves

Reproduction management

  • Record cow identification and heat signs displayed.
  • Identify cows in heat
  • Apply and interpret heat detection aids
  • Record important breading information
  • Evaluate reproductive records
  • Recognize obvious reproductive disorders
  • Administer hormones for reproductive programs
  • Assist in herd checks
  • Prepare frozen semen for insemination
  • Breed/inseminate cows
  • Handle and store semen
  • Administer pregnancy checks

Milking management

  • Identify an inflamed udder
  • Access and enter information in record systems (milk journal)
  • Identify edema in cows after freshening

Desired Candidate Profile
Education: UG - BVSC - Veterinary Science/PG - MVSC - Veterinary Science